Random musings, not necessarily photography-related…

A Year Without Mom

One year has come and gone without my Mother on this planet. I remember wondering what that would feel like when I first lost her. It is both better and worse than I imagined. My mother’s final year on this planet was one of steady decline. Living each day of that year, from visit to […]

Reflections on a Decade of FaceBook Connectedness

Every so often, life hands you a juxtaposition that may give you a unique perspective and make certain truths glaringly evident. In retrospect, you can see for yourself that those truths have always been true. I experienced this recently, and it gave me pause to reconsider my connectedness to the FaceBook “hive.” The “truth” I […]

The Replacement Cuddlers – Part 2

There is a line in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” that resonated with me from the moment I heard it. Indiana Jones is talking with Dean Stanforth. Indie says, “Brutal couple of years, huh, Charlie? First Dad, then Marcus” The Dean responds, “We seem to have reached the age […]